Allium cernuum, Allium geyeri
(Wild Onion, Geyer's Onion)
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 (Wild Onion, Geyer's Onion)
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Wild Onion, Geyer's Onion
Wild Onion, Geyer's Onion
Habitat: Very common from plains to subalpine areas. Grows in moist meadows and hillsides.

Smell: Onion

Edibility: Edible

Color: Lavender

Pink, lavender to white flowers. Smells strongly of onion. There are many similar onions that grow in the from the plains to treeline. These onions are very common throughout Colorado. We cooked many of these over the fire on a backpacking trip with our trout. They are a very good onion with lots of earthy flavor. Many need to be collected for a meal. Fortunately they are often very abundant. They produce small black onion seeds in the fall.

Caution: Be careful not to confuse with a close look-a-like the death camas. If it doesn't smell like an onion and have pink flowers its probably not an onion. | |