Pinus edulis
(Pinyon Pine)
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 (Pinyon Pine)
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Pinyon Pine
Pinyon Pine
Habitat: High desert locations at elevations 5000 - 7000ft in Colorado. Also found in adjacent states of Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Oklahoma, Texas and south to Mexico. Usually found in the Pinion Juniper woodlands.

Smell: Pine

Edibility: Edible

Color: Green

Pinon nuts are edible and collected by some people. Tea made from the needles is rich in Vitamin C but should only be taken in moderation.

There are also many simliar pine species that grow edible pine nuts in the west. Examples include Pinus monophylla, Pinus Ponderosa, Pinus aristata and others.

Also known as Colorado Pinyon or Two-needle Pinyon.

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