Yucca glauca
(Yucca, Narrow leaved Yucca)
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 (Yucca, Narrow leaved Yucca)
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Yucca, Narrow leaved Yucca
Yucca, Narrow leaved Yucca
Yucca, Narrow leaved Yucca
Habitat: Dry hillsides from desert, plains to foothills. Usually found at lower elevations in dry areas. Fairly abundant in the ponderosa pine belt around 7000ft.

Edibility: Edible

Color: Green

Leaves are used to make strong fibers. Roots can be used to make soap.

The fresh flowers can be eaten raw in salads. It is best to get them before they fully open and get riddled with bugs.

The wood from yucca is great for making fires using primitive methods such as a bowdrill or firesaw. In the show Man vs. Wild he uses yucca to make a firesaw.

Yucca glauca is the state flower of New Mexico.

Also known as Soapweed or Spanish Bayonet.

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